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In some toolkit programs that are run from a command file
on OpenVMS the data entry field on the screen is not
working as if it is assuming a CR and will not let you enter data
if the requirement for the field is non blank.
The work around is to issue this command prior to entering the toolkit program

Has anyone run into this situation and found another solution.?

1 Answer
0   | Posted by Alan Strong to Synergy DBL on 3/26/2021 6:25 PM
Steve Ives
I don't think there is anything unusual here, this is just the way VMS works. It has always been a requirement to redirect SYS$INPUT to SYS$COMMAND in order to pick up input from the command file from which you are running the program.

The only thing I would suggest is that you don't define the logical name in the process table, because that changes the behavior for the process for all time, even after the completion of the program, unless you reset it, or log out. A better approach is generally to this:

Clearly, this is very similar, but the difference is that the redirection will only be in place for the very next program to run. So if you do this immediately before running your program, SYS$INPUT will be back to normal when your program exits.

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