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How Has Your Company Adopted DevOps?

Many of you that know me: DevOps and its implementation are near and dear to my heart. This past weekend I took the time to read this amazing book "Accelerate The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations" (https://itrevolution.com/book/accelerate/) Its short enough that it probably should have been a whitepaper (maybe a day of reading?), but I digress.

I liked the data driven approach that they took to understand why modern DevOps practices allow companies to succeed and transform themselves. I felt on the whole it reflected well my experience in implementing these practices. The finding that medium performers where actually less efficient than low performers implementing DevOps came as no surprise to me, based on my lived experience. I would echo many of their findings as to why this was the case, but I would also echo that once you break into the high performing category the findings of 10-100x more effective teams also rings true, making the "pain" worth it.

While it is not a step by step prescription for how to implement these development practices in your business; I felt it gave good, high level insight for those trying to implement such a culture.

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0   | Posted by Ace Olszowka to Other on 11/24/2020 9:17 PM
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