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How do users access your synergy app in azure


My client wants to deploy their synergy desktop app in azure.  There is no issue running the app on Azure.  Its a synergy.net WPF application, and its currently developed and tested on Azure.

They don't want to open a remote desktop connection to Azure.

The currently have the application on an on-premise server and access it via terminal services as a published application from an icon on their desktop.

Is there any reason why the same approach wouldn't work if the app was on Azure ?

Are there other/better options to consider ?

They did say they would like to "run it in a browser" which they percieve to be easier to deploy.

Is there a way to have a simple web page with a  button you could click which would open up a connection it ?


1 Answer
0   | Posted by Gordon Ireland to Other on 10/2/2020 3:27 PM
Steve Ives
It's not exactly a "cloud native" solution, but there is no reason that you could not do the exact same thing with an Azure Windows Server VM with the terminal services role enabled.

Another route you could consider is whether it is more economical to use a more cloud-centric solution such as Windows Virtual Desktop. I have no idea how this pencils out cost wise vs a Windows Server VM and related infrastructure. My guess would be that it largely depends on the number of users. But it may be a viable alternative.

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