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xfODBC connector type for SAP Universe

We are trying to use a Synergy Windows 10.3.3d & xfODBC trifox dsn with SAP Web intelligence and the SAP Universe designer.
Does anyone know what ODBC connection type is supposed to connect SAP Web Intelligence, Universe designer to a xfODBC DSN ?
Have tried the Generic ODBC and Generic ODBC3 connection options they both successfully connect to a xfODBC DSN but, after connecting to the dsn, instead of receiving the table names that would normally be listed by the xfODBC DSN, we see the database PUBLIC, followed by a long list of tables all named "Y".
Thank you,
Deborah Dube

1 Answer
0   | Posted by Deborah Dube to xfODBC on 2/5/2019 12:23 AM
Deborah Dube
An Upgrade to a newer SAP Universe Designer was required.  After the SAP Universe upgrade, we selected the 'Generic ODBC' connection option and xfODBC is working.
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