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toolkit screen colours dtkrnd.ism

I use synergy.ini palette and dtkrnd.ism to change the toolkit window background colour.   synuser.ini does not have a colour palatte in it.
My toolkit window background is a lovely blue colour.
EXCEPT when the application is run by a citrix user. They are using the same synergy.ini and dtkrnd.ism and they do not have a synuser.ini file at all (I redirected the SFWUSRINIPATH)
in this case the toolkit window background is grey.

Any suggestions?


2 Answers
0   | Posted by Glynis Lyttle to UI Toolkit on 1/29/2019 10:05 AM
Bill Hawkins
Have you checked that the OS is setup to support your color with the require color depth?  My guess is that it does not support your color and the grey is the closest color that it can render.


2/22/2019 5:12 PM   1  
Glynis Lyttle
Hi Bill
That would make sense. I'll check that out.


2/25/2019 12:46 PM   0  
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