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What is the Techincal Reason for DBL-E-IMPOUTNS When Importing a C# Project?

When attempting to import C# Projects via the C# to DBLNET Conversion Tool (C# to Synergy DBL Conversion Tool) this error will trigger: DBL-E-IMPOUTNS (https://www.synergex.com/docs/index.htm#errors/comp/warn/compIMPOUTNS.htm)

This is documented as a limitation here (https://www.synergex.com/conversion-tools-convert-solutions/)

However the explanation leaves a lot to be desired:

The original C# project allows for IMPORT statements inside namespace declarations. Synergy DBL, however, does not. The easiest solution is to move the IMPORT to the top of the file.

The problem is that anyone who was following the Advice of Style Cop (specifically SA1200) is gonna get burned: https://github.com/DotNetAnalyzers/StyleCopAnalyzers/blob/master/documentation/SA1200.md

The documentation shows various reasons why its important to follow that rule, as an aside it also means that you need to be really careful blindly converting C# Code into DBLNET.

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0   | Posted by Ace Olszowka to Synergy .NET on 11/5/2018 10:10 PM
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