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Created Date: 11/1/2010
Last Updated: 11/1/2010
Description: The CodeExchangeVS.zip file contains all the updated for 9.5 CodeExchange submissions, plus many Visual Studio 2010 projects to build the same items.
Platforms: Windows
Products: Synergy DBL; Synergy .NET; Synergy DBMS; UI Toolkit; Repository; ActiveX API; DLL API; HTTP API; RCB API; Socket API; XML API; C#
Minimum Version: 9.5.1
Author: William Hawkins

Additional Information: Note, this must be installed to C:\Development\ – so that the folders C:\Development\CodeExchange and C:\Development\CodeExchangeVS are generated, as these are hard coded in the VS projects. Note: All submissions function on originally listed platforms. Disregard the Visual Studio project when on a non-Windows platform.

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