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Create Native Synergy Data Structures like DataDictionary

We are in a split traditional synergy /.net environment and have been trying to do work in synergy where it makes sense.  We are very hampered by a lack of native structures and capabilities in the traditional synergy language.  For instance, to have a data dictionary with an integer and string value to make a fast lookup table would be insanely useful for so many things that we are programming.  A sorted list (like what Gordon requested 4 years ago) would also be helpful and could be used to accomplish the goals.  While arraylist has a find method, it is only usable on objects, and not on simple decimal or alpha types. 


1 Comment | Posted by Greg Creme to Synergy DBL on 8/16/2021 6:17 PM
Steve Ives
Hi Greg. Something that might help you out is to look at the Synergy Symbol Table API which essentially provides you with the cross-platform functionality of a String Dictionary. It's pretty easy to use. And if you don't like the idea of using the low-level API for some reason, then Harmony Core also has an implementation of a StringDictionary class written in Traditional Synergy that you could easily grab and build into your own library. By the way, the StringDictionary class is actually just an OO wrapper around the Symbol Table API.

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