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DBL Status Utility fix

The DBL STATUS utility should be modified to accurately reflect the Ascending/Descending sequence of each key segment.   The utility currently appears to take the Ascending/Descending sequence of the first key segment and present that as the sequence of the entire key.   That information is not just incomplete, it is sometimes WRONG.  In my case, it took me half a day to figure that out.

Synergex claims that the STATUS utility has been deprecated, but I haven't found any evidence to support that claim.  The Synergy online docs do not mention deprecation (unless they've been changed in the last 2 weeks) and I don't see the deprecation mentioned in any of the Release Notes.   I find that troubling, as the whole point of deprecation is lost if no one's told about it, and deprecation can simply be claimed after the fact, whenever it proves convenient.


0 Comments | Posted by Bill Ferris to Synergy DBL, Synergy DBMS, Other on 8/15/2021 1:35 PM
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