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Ensure SynergyDE Traditional Visual Studio Projects can use the new csproj files as .Net Core and .Net can already

The new csproj file format used by .Net Core (and is also available in .Net and Xamarin) is much easier to maintain and automatically includes new files by default which is great for code generation.

Does/Can Synergex support this?

2 Comments | Posted by Andrew Thornton to Synergy DBL, Visual Studio Integration on 10/2/2020 10:27 AM
Andrew Thornton

Any movement on this?

Is it possible?

It's really problematic in code generation situations like we have, which the new format solves.

7/16/2021 10:33 AM   1  
Marty Lewis
Getting Traditional Synergy projects working with the simplified project file format (what we're referring to as SDK projects) is a significant undertaking. I think there will eventually be a point where we make the change but I cannot promise when that will be. If enough customers want that change, we may move up that work.

Andrew and I got a chance to meet and discuss what he is trying to achieve with code generation. It is possible to dynamically include DBL files, like the SDK projects do, using regular MSBuild syntax inside of the Traditional Synergy project. We think that using syntax like the following sample will help get other users closer to the behavior that they are looking for from SDK projects:
<Compile Include="*.dbl" />

There are some side-effects to this capability: adding files to the project with the Add Item dialog could result in duplicate items in the project. Also, new files added to the folder will likely not show up before reloading the project, although they will be included in the build. There could also be other side-effects that we are not aware of. If you are using this functionality and run into something that looks like a bug, make sure to let Synergex Support know so we can get it solved.

For additional documentation on the item include syntax for MSBuild, please see the Microsoft docs here.

7/28/2021 4:51 PM   0  
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