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Synergy Hotfix Deployment Consider Producing MSP or Increasing Cadence of MSI

Please consider creating MSP’s or increasing the cadence of your MSI Releases to coincide with hotfixes. While we understand that these are difficult to produce and require extensive testing on your part. However producing either MSP’s or new MSI’s would have several advantages over the current zip/bat deployment process:

  1. These can be better automated through tooling such as Powershell Desired State Configuration
  2. These can be better queried as to the state of the machine through utilities such as Powershell Desired State Configuration or utilities that understand the Windows Installer Database.
  3. Can perform actions such as insertion into the GAC.
Plus many more advantages that come with being a Windows Installer Package.

It also eases distribution skills required.

6 Comments | Posted by Ace Olszowka to Installation on 12/6/2017 10:07 PM
Ace Olszowka
I would again like to "bump" this. It is extremely difficult to automate the deployment to our 400+ machines internally using the current hotfix method, and more difficult to do any type of inventory due to the fact that we're relying on performing a COPY over existing binaries. Many of these issues go away in an MSP or MSI based system due to the strong versioning and atomic operations of the platform.

7/10/2019 1:41 PM   1  
Tate Chamberlain
Starting with Synergy/DE 11, we plan to distribute hotfixes on Windows using a WiX-based installer, rather than the batch file we currently use. This will not be an MSP file or a full MSI installation of Synergy, but it will be an easier way to install any updated files that are part of the hotfix. 
This will also register the hotfix version so you can check which version is installed (e.g. in Programs and Features).


8/20/2019 6:29 PM   1  
Tate Chamberlain
To clarify, my previous post said “starting with Synergy/DE 11”, hotfixes would be distributed with WiX-based installers. This Wix project is actually separate from our Synergy/DE 11 project (our primary focus right now). So depending on the timing of hotfixes, initial hotfixes for version 11 may still use batch files.

8/22/2019 7:24 PM   1  
Ace Olszowka
+1 Again we continue to see a desperate need for the ability to service the hundreds of machines "in the field".

This processes make it extremely difficult to implement any type of modern change management due to the non-standard nature of the hot fix system.

12/19/2019 4:17 PM   1  
Dion Campbell
+1 Any progress with this? The current non-standard hot-fix install process is extremely inefficient when deploying to our clients.  The process does not allow any good automation and leaves the app versioning in the Windows system out of date and untrustworthy. 

8/12/2021 1:47 PM   0  
Steve Ives
This is still something that is on the development roadmap for Windows hotfixes, but to date, other things have been prioritized above it. Hopefully soon.

8/12/2021 3:51 PM   0  
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