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GENNET40 (.NET to Synergy Interop Generator) Should Correct Usage To Indicate Proper Flags


When attempting to call gennet40 without any arguments you are given the following help documentation:

Usage: gennet.exe -l<log filename> -o<output filename> <assemblys to load>
-l Filename used for logging failures
-o Filename for the output file
-d if you do not want to include dependent assemblys
-impdir Logical for generated imports

However this documentation appears to be incorrect (the first thing that should be noticed is it talks about gennet.exe as opposed to gennet40.exe , using -o gives the following:
>gennet40 -ointerop.dbl CSharpInterop.dll
Invalid command line option

Reading the documentation (https://www.synergex.com/docs/index.htm#tools/toolsChap4Gennet40utility.htm) indicates that this argument should be called like this
>gennet40 -output interop.dbl CSharpInterop.dll

Which works.

The usage documentation should be updated to reflect the correct usage or the tool should be fixed to support -o

1 Comment | Posted by Ace Olszowka to Synergy DBL, Documentation on 8/30/2019 7:00 PM
Thanks for catching this! The usage documentation will be updated in our upcoming version 11 release.

9/5/2019 6:34 PM   1  
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