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The Default Ports Used By Various Services Should Be Documented In a Single Location


Various Synergex Technologies rely on Network Connectivity to accomplish their goals. These require various ports to operate correctly, all of these ports should be documented in a single place in the setup guide.

Currently (As of 2019/06/06) searching for "opennet port" does not return any useful results. While I understand that this is end user configurable and documentation cannot cover all scenarios, having the defaults documented is extremely useful to Operations when attempting to lock down the system. Bonus points for linking to where this could be configured.

IMO the best place to document these defaults is here: https://www.synergex.com/docs/index.htm#icg/icgChap1Networkrequirementstcpipforclientserverproducts.htm but they make no mention of ports other than "If there is a firewall between the client and the server, it will have to be configured to allow communication on the specified port." which is useless because I am not told what ports I need.

A table similar to the following would be useful:

User-added image

2 Comments | Posted by Ace Olszowka to Synergy DBL, Installation, xfODBC, SQL Connection, xfServer, xfServerPlus, Documentation on 6/6/2019 8:28 PM
Ace Olszowka
Thank you Penelope/Synergex!

10/3/2019 1:27 PM   0  
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