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Anyone noticed copy and paste working strangely after latest windows 10 and/or VS upgrade?

I have noticed that copy and paste is nmot working thet same as it always has done.

I have upgraded to synergy 11.1.1g, latest VS, and I had a windows update all around the same time.

It used to be I could highlight a line  or part of a line and type control V to replace it. 

but now I have to keep teh curor on the highlighte dbit to replace the old string.

It is very easy to insert the new string instead of repalcing the old string with it.

My normal working pattern would be to hold down the mouse key and swipe over what I want to repace, release the mouse button and type control V.  this often meant my cursor was not over5 the line I had highlighted.

Also, in VS, sometimes when I highlight something, before I have a chance to copy or replace it, SDI whisks me off to see a definition of it, which is a bit too eager for my liking.

I know windows 10 release notes are going on about great "improvements" in cut/copy and paste - is that what I am seeing here ?


3 Answers
0   | Posted by Gordon Ireland to Visual Studio Integration on 5/18/2021 1:03 PM
Steve Ives
I have not noticed the behavior you are describing with paste, but I'll pay more attention in the coming days and see if I can repro what you are describing.

But I do have some good news regarding your comment "Also, in VS, sometimes when I highlight something before I have a chance to copy or replace it, SDI whisks me off to see a definition of it, which is a bit too eager for my liking." Turns out that was a VS bug that was, if I remember correctly, affecting C# too. I believe we were able to correct the behavior in the latest SDI release.

5/18/2021 7:00 PM   0  
Gordon Ireland
Maybe its the same thing.  I think VS is unhighlighting what is selected, so by the time you type control V it no longer thinks you are replacing something and it inserts it instead ?


5/18/2021 7:11 PM   0  
Steve Ives
Possible. I know Marty explained the issue to me as being related to the incorrect handling of control keys, so there was still a "control down" or similar event outstanding at the point you click on something, so it was incorrectly causing a Ctrl+Click (go to definition). Try the very latest SDI build, and if that doesn't resolve the issue for you, talk to support.

5/18/2021 7:14 PM   0  
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