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Share Your .gitignore For Synergy Solutions

I am interested to see what people's .gitignore are for Traditional Synergy in Visual Studio Projects.

For interest here is the .gitignore currently used by the Synergex HarmonyCore Team: https://github.com/Synergex/HarmonyCore/blob/master/.gitignore

I have found that using the default VisualStudio .gitignore provided by GitHub (https://github.com/github/gitignore/blob/master/VisualStudio.gitignore) works more or less out of the box with a few additions.

So far I have added the following:

# Synergy DBL Integration Artifacts


3 Answers
0   | Posted by Ace Olszowka to Visual Studio Integration on 10/28/2020 8:37 PM
Ace Olszowka
For Bonus Points someone at Synergex (@SteveIves @MartyLewis) should submit a PR to https://github.com/github/gitignore and maintain it.

10/28/2020 8:38 PM   0  
Steve Ives
This is the one I use for CodeGen, which admittedly is Synergy .NET. Whenever I greater a new Synergy solution, traditional or .NET, I tend to use it as a starting point and rarely have to change anything.


10/30/2020 5:50 PM   0  
Kish Baley
I too start with the GitHub VisualStudio.gitignore. For traditional Synergy solutions, I will add two sections, one that is specific to the customer and the other for Synergex files:

# Customer specific files

# Synergex specific files

11/4/2020 1:31 PM   0  
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