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Making Tax Digital - UK VAT

This is a question for anyone running synergy based accounting systems in the UK.

As you know, VAT returns will have to be submitted digitally through HMRC approved software. 

I have a client with a bespoke synergy system and am wondering how others have approached this.  Have you changed the synergy software to communicate with the HMRC system and obtained approval for it, or are you sending data to an approved middleware product which then submits the VAT return?

I am interested to know how others are handing this


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0   | Posted by Gordon Ireland to Other on 4/16/2019 8:56 AM
Dan Ellis
Hi Gordon,

At my last (Non Synergy) job we used a bridging application. It was very simple, which was good as the development language was not as powerful as Synergy so getting CSV out was about as good as it got. We just generated the aggregated VAT figures into a CSV file which the bridging software imported and transferred to the HMRC gateway. It also came with an excel file to submit which could be used to enter the numbers from a report (even though you are not supposed to re-key information).

Just google for MTD bridging applications or there is a list on the HMRC website, if I recall correctly the software we used only cost about £40 per site.


You can also register with HMRC to develop the gateway yourself, I was speaking to a customer last week who did that themselves, although not in Synergy as it was going to be used by other non Synergy parts of the business.


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