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How Can I Install SynergyDE Using Powershell Desired State Configuration (DSC)?

Expansion of "Can a synergy version upgrade be scripted ?" https://synergexresourcecenter.force.com/SiteAnswer?id=a2Z0d000000gw7sEAA

The "Microsoft Way" of doing this in these modern times is to use Powershell Desired State Configuration (DSC) (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/dsc/overview).

How can I leverage an off the shelf technology to install Synergy/DE?

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0   | Posted by Ace Olszowka to Installation on 11/6/2018 9:06 PM
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Ace Olszowka
I have open sourced (MIT License) our Powershell DSC Script Here: https://github.com/aolszowka/xSynergyDE/tree/master/Examples/CommonTasks/Installing

Pull Requests are welcomed.

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