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Created Date: 11/14/2005
Last Updated: 10/19/2010
Description: Programs which provide examples of using the "City/State Lookup", "Rate Calculator" and "Track/Confirm" web services from the United States Postal Service. The examples use the XML API and HTTP API to communicate with these web services. (Update for Synergy 9.5 compatibility)
Platforms: Windows; Unix; OpenVMS
Minimum Version: 8.3
Author: Steve Ives

Additional Information: Description of routine

This routine is intended to show how to use use the USPS web services that allow address validation, zip code lookup and US domestic postal rate calculations.

You will need a USPS User ID. This can be obtained (for free) by registering at http://www.usps.com/webtools You can also get full documentation on all USPS web services at this website.

Prototype command: DBLPROTO USPSaddressValidation.dbl USPSrateCalculator.dbl Compiler command: DBL uspsTest.DBL USPSaddressValidation.dbl USPSrateCalculator.dbl Link command DBLINK uspsTest.DBO DBLDIR:synxml.elb Files: uspsTest.DBL, USPSaddressValidation.dbl & USPSrateCalculator.dbl

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