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Created Date: 6/14/2011
Last Updated: 6/27/2011
Description: This application is intended to help generate {xfMethod} & {xfParam} attributes from existing source files, or from the XML documented created by GENXML. It can also generate documentation comments.
Platforms: Windows; Unix; OpenVMS
Products: Synergy DBL
Minimum Version: 9.5.1a
Author: William Hawkins

Additional Information:

Starting with Synergy source file

dbr createDoc -s -i -x -o

This will read through the and will create the in GENXML format. The and are used to populate data in .

Once the has been created, the program analyzes the and creates the as a dummy Synergy source file. Note, the created is not deleted, so that it can be used as an import file for importing into the Synergy Method Catalog (SMC).

Starting with populated SMC

Run MDU and export the methods to

dbr createDoc -x -o [-i ]

This will read through the and create as a dummy Synergy source file. If is specified, only methods in the selected interface are processed. If is not specified, all interfaces / methods are processed.

Once the output file is generated, you can cut/paste the resulting {xf} attributes and/or documentation comments into your application source code.

Known Issues

If you wish to use the generated by createDoc as an import file for SMC, you must ensure that all parameters are correctly defined in the Synergy source file, including parameter size.

If you use .INCLUDE files as parameters, createDoc will treat the entire .include line as the parameter name to be used in the , and will interrogate the contents of the .include file for the name of the GROUP. This will result in an XML file that cannot be imported into SMC. If you want to use group parameters, they must in included from Repository.

It's possible to use the same Synergy method as the execution method for more than one xfNetLink method (e.g. with/without data table options). In this scenario, you will get more than one version of the named Synergy routine in the output, each version will be attributed correctly.

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