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Created Date: 2/16/2011
Last Updated: 2/16/2011
Description: This example shows how to extend the Synergex.SynergyDE.Collections.ArrayList class, box and unbox an alpha so that it can be stored in an ArrayList, and how to create a sorted ArrayList.
Platforms: Windows; Unix; OpenVMS
Products: Synergy DBL
Minimum Version: 9.1.5b
Author: William Hawkins

Additional Information: Description

The source files enclosed in this zip files are:

SynArrayList.dbl Example of extending a simple ArrayList, so it can use Synergy Alpha types as data. Also includes methods not implemented in Synergy (standard) ArrayList

SynArrayList_main.dbl A simple test program for SynArrayList

SortArrayList.dbl Subroutines that will take a standard ArrayList, and sort the ArrayList as if it were filled with Synergy Alpha types

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