Synergy/DE Platforms

Click the links below to see the Synergy/DE versions available for each platform and the operating system versions with which they were built. To see the specific OS versions that each Synergy/DE version was tested on, click here.

Most operating system vendors support upward compatibility, so Synergy/DE should work on any version higher than the version on which it was built. If you encounter any issues using a higher version of the operating system, we will do our best to resolve them promptly.

Supported Platforms

101 Windows 32-bit 004 IBM AIX 32-bit 028 Linux 32-bit
104 Windows 64-bit 304 IBM AIX 64-bit 428 Linux 64-bit
200 HP OpenVMS Alpha and Emulator &
VSI OpenVMS Alpha
320 Oracle Solaris 64-bit (SPARC)  
202 HP OpenVMS I64 &
VSI OpenVMS Integrity

Retired Platforms

003 SCO OpenServer 027 NCR UNIX 201 Compaq VAX
009 HP-UX 32-bit 029 SCO UnixWare 309 HP-UX 64-bit
010 Data General (DG) 100 MS-DOS and Networks 420 Oracle Solaris 64-bit (x64/x86)
020 Oracle Solaris 32-bit 102 Windows NT Alpha 509 HP-UX 64-bit (Itanium)
021 HP Tru64 UNIX